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Your Guide to the Best Air Conditioner Brands

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A house can be one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. From the roof to the floor to the kitchen cabinets, there many decisions that need to be made to make it feel like home! And the best air conditioner brands are among the things you’ll need to consider.

But what goes into finding the right central air conditioning for your home?

With brands like Carrier and Goodman out there, and options like portable AC and split conditioning, it might seem like a difficult choice. Luckily, our ultimate guide to air conditioner brands can help you determine what’s best.

From the pros and cons to each brand’s best model, learn more so you can make an informed choice about what works best for your home! Be sure to reach out to our HVAC experts who can help with the installation

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What Are the Best Air Conditioner Brands?

The following four brands have been around for years and have remained at the top of their game for a few reasons:

  •  Carrier – When it comes to modern air conditioner brands, Willis Carrier started it all. Carrier has been a trusted name in air conditioning since it was founded in 1902. The brand’s highest SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, which relates to how much energy a unit uses, comes in the highest at 26. The brand has 16 available products so you can find which unit works best.
  •   Rheem – This popular air conditioning brand was started in Emeryville, California in 1925. While Rheem began in the water heating business, it moved into air conditioners in the 1970s and has become a top brand. Rheem takes pride in making units that are economical, efficient, and reasonably priced. They have 11 products available and the highest SEER rating for their units is 23.
  •   York – The York brand was established in 1874 in York, Pennsylvania. Now owned by Johnson Controls, York has come up with many innovations over the years like touch-screen thermostats and automated zoning. They offer 10 models that are Energy Star rated and their highest SEER rating is 21. While York is a popular brand, it doesn’t have the reliability of Carrier and Rheem.
  •   Goodman – While Goodman has experienced brand issues in recent years, they were purchased by Daikin in 2012. Since then, their units have become one of the most popular air conditioner brands for buyers on a budget. Daikin invested a lot into research and development, putting this brand at the top of the heap. Goodman offers five air conditioning models and their highest SEER rating for a unit is 24.5.

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Types of Warranty Offered

Many manufacturers will require product registration within a certain timeframe to be eligible for the complete warranty. While some warranties are only applicable for the original buyer, others can be transferred to a new owner.

The following is a guideline of what you can expect from the top air conditioner brands:

  •   Carrier – A 10-year parts warranty on Infinity, Performance and Comfort Series models is offered. If your air conditioner is not registered, you will only receive a 5-year warranty.
  •   Rheem – A 10-year limited warranty is provided on every air conditioning unit. To receive this warranty, you will need to register your purchase with the company within 90 days of the purchase. 
  •   York – A lifetime warranty is offered on Affinity model compressors with a 10-year parts warranty. To receive this warranty, you will be required to register your air conditioner purchase within 90 days.
  •   Goodman – For most Goodman air conditioning models, a 12 or 10-year warranty is provided for compressors. If you register with Goodman, you can also get an extended warranty.

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What Is the Cost?

The cost of your air conditioner and installation will depend on the brand and type chosen. However, here is a brief guide on what you can expect from the air conditioner brands list:

  •   Carrier – The price range for a Carrier air conditioner is between $3500-8400. The labor to install it will set you back between $1400 and $2100.
  •   Rheem – The price range for an air conditioning unit from Rheem is between $2300-4300. The air conditioner installation cost typically runs between $2300-2800.
  •   York – A York air conditioner will cost anywhere from $2800 to $7000. The installation cost is between $1200 and $2800.
  •   Goodman – A Goodman air conditioning unit starts at around $1600 and goes up to $4000. Installation will cost anywhere from $1200 to $2800.

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Why Buy This Brand

It’s important to know what you’re looking for before you invest in an air conditioner. We’ve compiled the best features of each to make the decision a little easier.  

  •   Carrier – As one of the most trusted air conditioner brands, Carrier has managed to stay at the top for over 100 years. Installers for Carrier air conditioning units are required to be certified by the company, which guarantees no issues with HVAC services. In addition to being the quietest units around, they’re ahead of the pack with the highest SEER rating available at 26.  
  •   Rheem – Rheem has become one of the most popular brands for the price point of their air conditioning units. At 55 to 72 decibels, they have some of the quietest air conditioning units available and offer superior energy efficiency. They’re also more economical than most units of the same quality.
  •   York – Like Rheem, York also offers a number of air conditioning options that come at a lower price than their competitors. They have a variety of thermostat features that can instantly improve how homeowners are able to use their units. Depending on the unit you choose, York also offers a lifetime warranty for the compressors on some of their units.
  •   Goodman – Goodman has only been among the most popular home air conditioner brands for the last few years. However, they too offer a quality product at a low price point because they feature fewer models. Their units have on-board diagnostics so you can keep tabs on the functionality of your unit. They also offer excellent warranties that extend 10 years and beyond the purchase of your air conditioner.

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Why Not to Buy

These four air conditioner brands may be names you can count on. However, it’s important to know what the downsides are before you invest.

  •     Carrier – Carrier undoubtedly offers some of the best air conditioners on the market. However, because of their efficiency and reliability, you’ll pay a high premium to purchase a unit. While this can work for many homeowners, it can be a deterrent for those looking for something a bit more economical.
  •     Rheem – Rheem offers great air conditioners at an affordable price. Unfortunately, because the company does not require certified installers, there can be issues with installation that may require AC repairs. They do experience a number of customer service complaints due to issues with installation.
  •     York – One of York’s biggest problems when it comes to their brand is reliability ratings. While they’re great for limited use, you may not be able to rely on their units consistently if you live in a hot climate year-round. Since York does not have a lot of installation providers, there are often issues with units after they’ve been installed. York also has a lower SEER rating than many other units available on the market.
  •     Goodman – From an economic standpoint, Goodman are one of the best air conditioner brands. However, they don’t have any high-end offerings for homeowners looking for a unit that will stand the test of time. As well, Goodman air conditioners can be installed by anyone since they sell their products to anyone. This can lead to issues with installation down the road.

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What Are the Best Air Conditioner Models?

Read on to learn more about the top models for the best air conditioner brands:

  •     Carrier – The Infinity 21 Central Air Conditioner is Carrier’s best AC unit. This superior air conditioner features a two-stage compressor that means it will operate on low-power and assist in managing indoor humidity. Because of this, it’s also quieter than the average air conditioner. When it comes to efficiency, this unit is at the top of the line for its kind.
  •     Rheem – The RA17 air conditioner is where it’s at for Rheem’s best AC option. It features a Two Stage Scroll Compressor by Copeland which increases its reliability and efficiency. This model also features the EcoNet Smart Monitoring System which will help to maximize the comfort of your home and its energy savings.  
  •     York – To take advantage of York’s trademark efficiency and quiet capability, the YXT 19 SEER Two Stage Air Conditioner is the ideal go-to. This system offers ENERGY STAR performance and features a compact design that works in all kinds of spaces. It also utilizes QuietDrive which helps in silencing vibrations from the unit.
  •     Goodman – The Goodman GVXC20 air conditioner can be found at Goodman’s trusted low price point. The unit features ComfortBridge Technology which minimizes the unit’s energy use and maximizes comfort. It also has ENERGY STAR certification and a variable-speed compressor that operates between 0 and 100 percent capacity.   

Choose the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home!

Finding the right air conditioner for your home is an important part of making your home feel comfortable. That’s why it’s necessary to be aware of a few things before you buy.

You can always rely on the best air conditioner brands, but each brand has benefits and drawbacks so it’s important to be aware of what you need. From the warranty to the upfront cost, the right air conditioner means you’ll have a lot less to worry about throughout the year.

If you’re looking for some help with your home HVAC needs, reach out to SoCal Green HVAC at (866) 396-2029 who bring air-conditioned expertise to everything they do!

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